Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Chris Brown Tags In Andrew Bynum

Rumor has it that Los Angeles Lakers center, Andrew Bynum, is now dating that adorable punching bag R&B singer with the GreatClips men's haircut amazing voice. Bynum, fresh off getting paid millions to watch the Lakers make the playoffs without him, has been seen out in L.A. with Rihanna doing boyfriend/girlfriend things...like, trying not to blow his knee for the 11th time in 10 months. I'm going to go ahead and be the first to report that Rihanna (most famous for hit singles "Domestic Disturbia" and "Please Don't Stop A-busing") is just using Bynum to get to Kobe. You heard it here folks. I guess I'll go ahead and report that Chris Brown is a dick too. Yep, that's right, more ground breaking news from the HGHR.

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