Thursday, February 5, 2009

Phil Ivey Officially Hates James Harrison

Remember Phil Ivey's big bet that I wrote about before the Super Bowl? Well, it's bad. It's real bad. There is a bad beat and then there is this... Ya ready? Phil Ivey bet $800,000 on the Cardinals +3.5 in the first half. If you didn't just say holy shit aloud to yourself, let me recap the situation. The Cardinals were down 10-7 with the ball at their own goal line with 10 seconds left in the first half. At this point, I would assume that Ivey was on the phone with the local Maserati dealership. Then, James Harrison returns an interception 100 yards as the half ends, to make the halftime score 17-7. At this point, I would assume that Phil Ivey cursed Jesus, flipped over the snack table, ran his hands across his face, continued to curse Jesus, and possibly called his girlfriend, mother, sister, and Jesus a whore. This has to be the worst beat in sports gambling history. Luckily, Phil also put $800,000 on the Cardinals to cover the full game, so he broke even. But, I just can't imagine a fun-filled evening of 3D glasses and Bruce Springsteen at the Ivey household during halftime. I expect more of a prison rape type atmosphere.

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