Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Pardon The Interruption

"Did I just see that???" Yes, Tucson, you did just see that. While most of America contend that Bud Light, Doritios, or even had the best 30-second spot during the Super Bowl, Tucson, Arizona may nominate the 30 seconds of porn containing full frontal male nudity that interrupted the late fourth quarter Cardinal touchdown celebration. As Fitzgerald threw his arms in the air as he crossed the endzone, many viewers in the Tucson, AZ area threw their arms over their children's eyes. An error (alledgedly) in the Comcast broadcast caused a switch from NBC's Super Bowl coverage to Club Jenna's "18 'n' Up Wet Poon starring everyone's favorite baby arm holding an apple, Evan Stone. The clip was displayed for approximately 30 seconds before returning to the football game.

I don't know why everyone is so fired up about this. What about me? I am the real victim. I was enjoying a lonely, quiet Sunday night watching 18 'n' Up Wet Poon and was furious when it switched to 30 seconds of football coverage. I paid $19.99! Comcast, I expect a full refund or I am switching to the dish.

If you live under a rock and have never seen Evan Stone's work, or would just like to see the uncensored, NSFW video. Head on over to Fleshbot....

[Fleshbot - Porn Invades The Super Bowl] (18+)

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