Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Meet Your MVP: Santonio Holmes

Santonio Holmes is not your typical Super Bowl MVP, and I'm not saying that because he is a wide receiver. I'm saying that because he is... well, he is this....

"McLovin and Santonio Holmes Are BFF"
Santonio Holmes and McLovin from Superbad showed up together and did all interviews as a twosome. They said they met at a party earlier in the night and then left the party together. I'd love to hear that conversation.

McLovin says he first approached Holmes and told him he was a fan. Holmes appreciated McLovin's pot-smoking scene.
[NFL Fanhouse]

The Infamous Shower Photo
Many people are unaware that this photo exists. In fact, I wish that I was one of those people. This photo was taken by Ben Roethlisberger is all over the internet. I refuse to post the uncensored version. If you're that interested, it is easy to find. I, for one, do not recommend it. I have not taken a shower since.

He Used To Sell Weed
Troubled childhood. Poor family. Sold drugs to survive. Same sad, tragic story. Different celebrity. Whatever happened to part-time jobs?

He Was Busted With Weed...This Season
The interesting part of this story is the arresting officer praised Holmes for his cooperation and manners. He even suggests that the NFL and Steelers franchise take it easy on Holmes. I think somebody is a Steelers fan. He'd never last on the Cincinnati force.

He Was Also Arrested In 2006
An athlete arrested for disorderly conduct? Verbally abusive to a police officer? To the NFL this charge is no worse than a speeding ticket. Even for a rookie. We'll let this one slide.

Why Is Santonio So Fast? He Used To Club Rabbits. Seriously.
I wish I was making this one up, but quite frankly, I'm not that creative. Santonio's speed is credited to chasing rabbits as a child. Should we be surprised? We all know that animal cruelty and professional football go together like Stuart Scott and glass eyes.

'We'd punch them in the head, chop them in the back of their neck to kill them instantly,' Holmes said. 'We had no remorse for those rabbits. We were hunting, just like people out there surviving.'”

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