Thursday, February 5, 2009

I Just Can't Get Enough Andy Kennedy

Andy Kennedy will always have a soft spot in my heart and he will most likely end up in the H.G.H.R.H.O.F. (Horace Grant Halftime Report Hall Of Fame). Two of my first posts, "America! Fuck Yeah!" and "Assault, Why Jiddou That?" were instrumental in taking the Horace Grant Halftime Report from it's beginnings as a brand new site with essentially no personality or real content, to where it is today, a three month old site with essentially no personality or real content. With that being said, Andy Kennedy is back on the HGHR radar. The Cincinnati Enquirer has released the police cruiser video of Kennedy's arrest and it is full of quotes. Kennedy begs and pleads the officer to let him go because "it will cause a national scene" and "I'm an SEC coach." Officer Dontgiveashitwhoyouare threatens to tase Kennedy and informs him that he is aware the arrest could be newsworthy. "You think we’ve never arrested somebody that’s made national media?” he said. “We deal with the Bengals all the time.” I love it.

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