Friday, January 30, 2009

Tails Never Fails

That guy thats always on ESPN2 at 4am and kinda looks like Tiger Woods is going balls to the wall for the Super Bowl. While I spread my $20 bets across the props sheet, Phil Ivey is throwing down $1,000,000 on a single bet. Holy shit man, I thought I enjoyed gambling. Some say I drop more coin on football games than Michael J. Fox at a parking meter but this is just ludicrous. Ivey refuses to say who he took but I'm guessing he went straight for the coin toss. Betting 7 figures on the spread would be too nerve-racking and only lead to a late, meaningless field goal to break your heart. The coin toss gets straight to the point and avoids all of the drama. Tails never fails, Phil. Good luck.

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