Friday, January 9, 2009

Out For The Day! We Will Return At...

Folks, I'm loading up my buddy's mom's mini-van with a full keg of the Naturalist of Lights and heading for the Music City. I'll be back in full force on Monday to entertain the handful of viewers of the Report. I hope you enjoyed the BCS Championship game last night. I thought it would be fun to try to kill a beer during every Florida possession. (That kneel down to end the half was a killer - 3 seconds) The first half was great but I don't remember anything after a few snaps into the third quarter. I have been told that Florida won but my hangover prohibits my brain from receiving and processing information. Anyway, you kids be safe and look for me in the endzone at the Titans game. I'll be the guy with the bloody white t-shirt and the "Ray Lewis Stabbed Me In The Parking Lot" sign. (Oh yeah, that's happening.) Go Titans.

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