Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Pro Bowl Is Moving

In his most recent decision en route to taking over the world, the Roger Goodell power trip has moved the Pro Bowl out of Hawaii and back onto the mainland. The game will be played in the Super Bowl host city starting next year. After realizing that moving the location wasn't really that controversial of a change, Goodell decided to move the game up to the week before the Super Bowl. That makes perfect sense. If I worked hard all season and happened to make it to the Super Bowl, I would like to be commended for my individual accomplishments by being invited to a game of recognition and reward that I will not be able to attend. And doesn't the majority of the Pro Bowl roster come from the league's most competitive teams? Ya know, the ones that will be resting that weekend for their final game? I can't wait to see them call in the reserves on a one week notice. Don't book those vacations with Jessica just yet Tony. You might be getting a phone call in late January, right after you miss the playoffs again.

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