Wednesday, December 17, 2008

PTI has cornered the market in dumb

Just in case you haven't heard, Mark Teixeria and Manny Ramirez are both free-agents, so expect ESPN to provide thoughtful, fastidious analysis. Or not. Check out this graphic that appeared on the six o' clock edition of Sportscenter.

The image compared the average season since 2005 for both players; immediately after it the guys at PTI were asked for their opinion. By the looks of the graphic, it would appear that Tex and Manny are roughly equivalent in their production. Considering that Tex is 28 years old and can actually play defense he appears to be the more desirable free-agent*. So who did the guys at PTI think was a better choice? Why Manny, of course! It makes perfect sense! And what better a transition into that segment than a graphic that effectively undermines your point.

*Of course Manny could be a better choice depending on the team and the context. But holding everything constant (which is what the graphic on ESPN was doing) Teixeria has numbers comparable to Manny and is younger.

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