Saturday, December 20, 2008

It's So Hard To Say Goodbye

The Baltimore Ravens went into Dallas tonight and beat the 'Boys 33-24 in the final game played at Texas Stadium. The Cowboys gave up a late 77 yard TD run to Willis McGahee and then turned around and let LeRon McClain get loose for an 82 yard TD on the very next possession late in the fourth quarter. Tony Romo and Jason Witten learned how to share with others as T.O. and Witten each caught TD's in a late comeback effort but the Cowboys' D could not hold the Ravens' offense on three consecutive downs. Or two. Or even one, for that matter. In fact, the Cowboys defense was about as successful in stopping the run as Mike Tyson is successful in staying in shape. In a day that saw the implosion of the RCA dome, many are calling for Jerry Jones to pull the trigger on the demolition of Texas Stadium with Wade Phillips and the team still inside.

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